Homeless Encampment & Biohazard Waste Solutions in Cincinnati OH

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Fitzwater Commercial Services (FCS) is now offering homeless encampment and biohazard waste solutions in Cincinnati OH. These services are designed to help clean up areas where homeless individuals may have set up camp, often behind shopping centers or in public parks.

Homeless encampments can create a number of problems for cities and towns. They can be unsightly and create health and safety hazards for both the homeless individuals living in them and for the general public. In addition, homeless encampments can create environmental issues, as the individuals living in them may be disposing of trash and human waste in ways that are not safe or sanitary.

Homeless encampment clean up services are designed to address these issues. These services typically involve a team of workers who go into the area where the homeless encampment is located and clean it up. This can involve removing trash, waste, and other debris in the area.

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While homeless encampment clean up services are an important part of addressing homelessness, it is important to recognize that they are only one part of the solution. In order to truly address homelessness, cities and towns must also focus on providing affordable housing and access to social services for homeless individuals. By working together, communities can help to provide a better future for those who are struggling with homelessness.

What We Offer

  • Trash & Biohazard Removal Teams
  • Removal of Biohazard like Human Waste, Drug Paraphernalia
  • Provide Large Trash Containers on Site
  • Sorting through content
  • Professional disinfecting an area

Biohazard Waste Solutions

The main reason our customers call us is because biohazards are often found or suspected to be present at homeless encampments. Businesses or government agencies that use their own employees to clean these sites can face significant liability if those employees are exposed to dangerous substances such as needles or bodily fluids. To avoid this risk, many businesses in Cincinnati OH will turn to Fitzwater Commercial Services (FCS), which are trained in biohazard cleanup. By using our services, agencies can protect their employees and ensure that homeless encampments are safely and thoroughly cleaned.

Trash Cleanup Services

Clearing trash and waste from homeless camps is a daunting task for businesses. Whether the camps are large, sprawling across several acres, or small and tucked away behind buildings, the job of cleaning them up can be overwhelming. That’s where Fitzwater Commercial Services (FCS) comes in. With our expertise and experience, we can handle even the largest and most challenging cleanup projects. Give us a call today!